What is a medical weight loss programme?

Your doctor will work with you to find the most suitable programme to suit your needs.  You will have an initial consultation and a health assessment. Together we will design a weight loss programme for you. Ideally you will have an appointment every fortnight as this provides an opportunity to track your progress, discuss concerns and provide ongoing support. All consultations are confidential

What weight loss medicine is used?

Weight loss medicines, when used in together with lifestyle modifications in diet and exercise, can be highly effective in helping you reach your target weight.

We are able to prescribe a variety of medications to help you loose weight. Below are some examples:

Oral medication:

Orlistat is an oral medication licensed for weight loss in conjunction with reduced calorie intake. It works by inhibiting certain digestive enzymes, thus restricting the ability of the intestine to absorb dietary fats. This tablet is taken three times a day before main meals, or up to an hour afterward.

Injectable medication:

Liraglutide, licensed for weight loss under the trade name Saxenda is also commonly used. This is currently the only licensed injectable prescription medicine available for weight loss in the UK. It is a self administered daily injection pen that is pre-filled with medication.

Everyone starts on a dose of 0.6mg a day for the first week, If you are still feeling hungry you may wish to increase the dose to controll appetite and cravings. Thus the number of pens you will use each  month will entirely depend on the dose you need to help you achieve your desired outcome.

All medication is dispensed via fully regulated and registered UK pharmacy

Do I need to take supplements?

We offers variety of balanced weight loss programmes, however some clients opt for a low calorie programme for rapid weight loss. To aid nutrition during this phase of your weight loss programme we do have some specially formulated stimulant free meal substitution shakes and nutritional food supplements available to support you on your journey.

Is medical weight loss sustainable?

We will help you loose weight and advise you how to keep it off. Once you reach your target weight we help you adopt healthy eating habits and a balanced lifestyle.

Maintaining your goal weight remains a huge challenge – we have a maintenance plan to hep you maintain your results and your goal weight. By continuing with your newfound healthy lifestyle you will reduce the likelihood of future weight gain.