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We offer Private GP appointments with our experienced doctors to help you with your primary health care needs.

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Our standard GP appointment is £85 for 20 minutes. During this consultation we discuss your concerns, examine as appropriate and together find the best treatment available.

If you have multiple problems and would like a longer appointment, this option is also available to you. Simply choose the length of appointment that you need when you fill in your online booking form.

All our GP appointment prices are displayed on our website, so you know the cost before coming to see us. Should you need further blood tests, certificates or medication, your doctors will discuss this with you during the consultation.

For more complicated and difficult problems, we will arrange a specialist referral for imaging or to see a consultant.

The costs of these investigations vary. Please be aware, we cannot refer patients for NHS services, we can only provide referrals to private clinics, which will require self-funding or insurance payments.

A virtual consultation is where you speak to a doctor or healthcare professional using the video camera in your smartphone, tablet or computer. By speaking to a medical professional over the telephone or via video call, you are able to receive medical advice without the need to leave your own home. This can save you time as you will not need to travel for a face-to-face appointment, and it will help to stop infections such as coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading.

We’re able to arrange follow up tests, prescriptions, referral letters or sick notes should they be needed, during a virtual consultation

Most GP queries can be solved via a video appointment, however, if our GP needs to examine you in person you will need to attend for a face to face appointment.

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