PRP Plasma Performance Therapy©

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) skin regeneration therapy is a regenerative medicine procedure using components of your own blood to revitalise all the tissue layers of the face.

Using a highly researched protocol, this advanced PRP facial treatment is performed by injecting a platelet-rich serum prepared from your own blood back into your skin, setting in motion the body’s healing cascade. This process renews the tissues and stimulates collagen production leading to total facial rejuvenation, tightening and smoothing skin, and helping to restore volume.

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PRP is rich in growth factors, specialised proteins found in all active cells in the body. They have multiple functions, the most important of which is stimulation of cellular renewal. They do this by switching “on” or “off” the signals that synchronise the functions of the cells in the skin. Growth factors essentially help to regulate many processes, helping to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance by increasing cell defence, cell renewal, elastin and collagen production, and blood circulation.

Plasma Performance Therapy© combines PRP treatments and either Microneedling or the LipoFirm MED VoluDerm and TriFractional technologies, in a highly researched protocol unique to our clinic.

For best results, it is ideal to have at least 3 treatments. A noticeable difference is usually seen 4 to 6 weeks, after a course of treatments, with collagen regeneration at its maximum around 3 months after the first treatment.

During a treatment your doctor will prepare the PRP after drawing a sample of your blood. By using components of your own blood, there is very little chance of having a reaction to the treatment.

Your doctor may apply a numbing cream before performing Microneedling, and the Plasma Performance Therapy© protocol. There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure.

It should be noted that there are many different methods for the preparation and administration of PRP, and not all systems have been proven to be safe and effective. You need to be discerning about the techniques used by your practitioner, and you should take the time to discuss this with your doctor at your initial consultation.

You will first undergo Microneedling or your RF treatment modality, followed by mesotherapy and application of the PRP. In addition, the platelet-poor plasma will be massaged into your skin.

After the treatment, your skin may look a little flushed, like you’ve got a mild sunburn. Some people will experience swelling, but this normally subsides within 24 hours. It is normal to experience tenderness or small bruises at mesotherapy sites. As a final step, we will apply a hyaluronic acid mask infused with healing nutrients to reduce redness and calm the skin for a speedy recovery.

We also don’t recommend wearing make-up for 24 hours after treatment.

What are the benefits of Plasma performance therapy?

  • Improvements in skin tone and texture
  • Firmer skin above and under the eye
  • Restoration of volume and elasticity
  • Increased blood supply and oxygenation in the skin
  • Reduction in photodamage
  • Improvements in stretchmarks and scarring
  • Improvements in hair quality in areas of thinning (men and women)

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