Referrals, Sick Notes and Prescriptions

Our services cover a large range of health needs, and we can also help with your health admin needs; if you need a sick note, medical certificate or a prescription – we can do all that in our clinics.

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We can generally solve most issues, but sometimes a private specialist referral is needed. We can provide private specialist referral letters for any speciality you may require.

We can also refer patients for investigative scans at private radiology clinics, including X-Rays, Ultrasound scan, scans, CT, etc

For these services, a GP referral letter is always required, and can be provided during your consultation at no extra cost. Please be aware, however that we are unable to refer you without an initial consultation as we need to see and assess you prior to the referral being initiated. Also note that we cannot provide referrals for NHS services, so you must be prepared to self-fund any such private scans, consultations and treatment.

If you have been unwell and are off work for a week or less, you will not need to provide evidence that you have been sick.  For longer periods of illness, your employer may require a ‘fit note’ (sometimes called a ‘sick note’) from a doctor.  These are generally required if you have been off sick for more than 7 days in a row (including non-working days such as weekends and holidays).

Simply book a consultation with one of our GPs’s, and we will be able to arrange fit note for you during the consultation.

Our GPs are all registered with the GMC and able to prescribe all appropriate medication during your consultation. It may be possible to request repeat prescriptions once you have an established treatment plan in place. Medication will dispensed by the pharmacy of your choice, we do not dispense at the clinic.

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